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 SSC GK/GS questions, read and answered the unanswered questions

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PostSubject: SSC GK/GS questions, read and answered the unanswered questions    Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:42 pm

1) First evidence of agriculture, associated with megalithic era, found in-
a) Lahuradev (U.P.)               b) Raisen (M. P.)
c) Meerut (U.P.)                d) Dholavira (Gujrat)
2) Who introduced lead coin in India
a) Kushan     b)Md. Bin Tughlaq    c) Satvaahan  
 d) Shak
3) First muslim invasion in India by
a) Md. Ghori    b) Chenghiz Khan    c) Timur 
 d) Md. Bin Qasim
4) Which one of the following term associated with ‘first sermon’ of Gautam Buddha.
a)Nirvana     b) Sambodhi   
 c) Dharm-chakra-pravartan  d) Samyak Jnan
5) The only hindu king accepted ‘Din – e - Ilahi’ sect
a) Todarmal   b) Bharmal    c)Birbal  d) Mansingh
6) First ever regular census was started by.
a) Lord Mayo    b) Lord Curzon    c) Lord Ripon  d) Lord Dalhousi
7) Muslim League was formed in the year
a) 1909  b) 1906   c) 1907  d) 1905
Cool “Punjaab Kesari” title associated with
a)Lala Lajpat Rai   b) Gopal Krishna Gokhle   c) Bhagat Singh  d) Lala Hardayal
9)First supreme court in India was eshtablished after which act.
a)Pits India Act (1784)  b)  Regulating Act (1773)   c) Government of India Act (1935)   d) Charter Act (1793)
10) First Draft of Indian Constitution was Presented By
a)Bhim Rao Ambedkar    b) Staford Cripps   c) B. N. Rao   d) Lawahar Lal Nehru
11) Which of the following was quoted as “heart and soul of Indian Constitution” by B. R. Ambedkar
a)Fundamental Rights     b) Preamble    c) Right of constitutional Remedies   d) Directive Principle of state
12) Provision for Amendment in Indian Constitution is given in which article
a)368   b) 358   c) 367  d) 341
13) In 2014 which article of Indian Constitutin is amended
a) 132   b) 156   c) 58   d) 124
14) Education is subject of which list in Indian Constitution
a) Union List    b)State List    c)Concurrent List   d) None of the above
15)Money Bill can only be introdused in
a)Lok Sabha   b) Rajya Sabha    c) Both a & b   d) None of the  above
16) Which of the following is/are associated with Indian Parliament
1. Lok Sabha    2. Rajya Sabha   3.  President     4. Lok sabha Speaker
a) 1 & 2      b) 1, 2 & 3     c)1, 2, 3 & 4  d) 1, 2 & 4
17)Which one of the following is oldest mountain rangwe in India
a)Aravali    b) Satpuda    c) Himalaya Range   d) Vindhya Range
18)which river of the following is not a tribunary of Ganga river
a) Gandak    b) Kosi   c) Ghaghra    d)Padma
19) India stands at which place in prodiction of rice.
a) 1st   b) 2nd  c) 3rd  d) 4th
20) Which country is known as “land of thousand lake”
a) Canada   b) Indonesia    c)Finland     d)Denmark
21) Which state/union territory has maximum literacy rate after Kerala
a) Mizoram    b)Lakshadweep      c)Tripura    d)Goa
22) Which grass-land does not belongs to Temperate zone.
a) Prairie    b) Pampaas      c)Savannas    d)Steppes
23) Which strait seperates India from Srilanka
a) Rameshwaram strait     b) Palk Strait    c)Mannar Strait d) Duncon Strait
24) Which from the following does not belongs to ‘Rabi crop’.
a) Wheat     b) Maize    c)Gram      d) Musterd
25) “Vicious theory of poverty” theory is given by
a) Karl Marks    b)Amartya Sen    c) Ragner Nurkse    
 d) Adam Smith
26) “Demand Pull Inflation” occurs when
a) There in no employment
 b) Excess money Supply in economy
 c) cost of raw material is high
 d) there is drought or flood condition
27) Latest estimation of povety is based on recommendation of which committee.
a) Rangrajan Committee      b)Tendulkar Committee   
c) Planning Commission     d)Lakadwala Committee
28)which Body Regulate, Promot and Developes policy for stock market
a) RBI    b) SEBI    c)EXIM     d) Finance Ministery
29) Which of the following does not belongs to direct tax
a) Income Tax    b)Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT)    
c) Gift Tax     d) Excise Duty
30) Which is/are true about ‘Ebola’ disease
1)First case reported in congo
 2)Ebola easily killed by soap, bleach, sunlight etc
 3) Z-Mapp is WHO approved drug for treatment of Ebola
a) only 2     b) 1 & 2    c)All 1, 2 & 3   d)NOTA
31) Recently which disease is declared as ‘notifiable disease’ by govt. of India
a) Polio     b) Ebola   c) Kala – azar   d) Diarrhea
32) Food Poisoning occur due to
a)Corinobactireum      b)Clostrideam Boutulium
 c)Baslils anthresis       d) Salmonela toyphosis
33) Onion is the modified part of
a) Stems       b)Roots      c)Leaves       d)Fruits
34) Which one of the folloeing is largest biological cell on the earth
a)Ostrich Egg      b) Nerve Cell      c)Amoeba     d)Ovum
35)Which theory is followed by light,travels in optical fiber.
a)Refraction      b)Diffraction      c) Reflaction  
 d)Total Internal Reflaction (TIR)
36) Which acid is contained in Vinegar
a) Acetic Acid     b)Salphuric acid   c) Formic acid 
 d) Lactic acid
37) Which Gas does not causes Global Warming
a) Water Vapour    b) Ozone     c) Nitrous Oxide
d) Carbon mono oxide
38)Which one of the following is not bio-degradable
a) Vegetables   b) Fruits    c) Earthworm    d)Polythene
39)Highest per capita emmiter of carbon di-oxide in the world is
a) US     b) China    c)Qutar    d) India
40) Who is the India’s chief Finencial Advisor
a) Arvind Mayaram    b) Raghuram Rajan
c) Rajeev Maharshi    d) Arvind Subramaniam
41) Book  “Not Just An Accountant” is written by-
a) Vinod Rai   b) Khushwant Singh   c) Shashikant Sharma d) P.C. Pakrashi
42) Which Combination for ‘Country-Capital’ is not correct
a) Maldeve – Male       b) Congo – Kinshasa 
c)  Portugal – Libson  d) South Africa – Johannesburg
43) ‘World food day’ observed on-
a)  15 oct  b) 18 oct  c) 16 oct  d) 12 oct
44) Where is the headquarter of Asian development Bank ?

a) Tokyo (Japan)  b) New Delhi ( India)
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SSC GK/GS questions, read and answered the unanswered questions
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